I left feeling totally blissed out & my skin looked flawless
Chioma Nnadi

I feel like magic
Debby Ryan, Actress

I was amazed at the results of my treatment with Stefanie! It completely transformed me. My favorite in NYC.
Tali Lennox: Artist, Model, Actress

It was such a luxury to have Stefanie work on both the face and body at the same time. I walked in with break-outs and saw a massive improvement by the evening. Thank you Stefanie for brightening my everything! 
Chelsea Leyland, DJ, Filmmaker, Advocate

My treatment with Stefanie was incredible! It left me glowing for days! I wish I could have one every week! 
Amanda Kloots, Celebrity Trainer, NYC

Stefanie took my dry, dehydrated face and worked magic. I felt instantly re-invigorated and the acupuncture helped soothe my tired and aching body. A visit with her is a must for anyone in need of TLC. 
Lynette Nylander, Former Deputy Editor, i-D Magazine; VP of Content at Alexander Wang

Such an amazing experience! I wasn’t expecting to see immediate results but my face really does look and feel amazing. I highly recommend Stefanie, she’s the best! 
Kristin Gallegos, Photographer, Creative Director, DJ

Stefanie is exceptional. I have come to her with many different health challenges -- often which I don't understand fully myself. In every instance, she has so carefully and compassionately sought to understand what is happening to create a treatment strategy --  introducing new techniques tailored to the issue, but with complete commitment to my comfort level and awareness of how I am responding.  Her authentic dedication to her clients' healing and overall well-being is unparalleled in my experience in NY.
Caitlin S, Brooklyn NY

I've had acupuncture on both sides of the country and Stefanie is truly the best. I get serious migraines and back pain, Stefanie was able to target exactly what I needed for some relief. Her kind spirit and loving nature keeps you completely at ease during treatment. Highly recommend and I'll be a patient for life.
Patty R, Brooklyn, NY

"Since coming to my 1st session last Monday night, I've had such an easy time falling asleep every night! Something that used to take me an hour and a half now requires no effort and happens in about 10 minutes. It's been years since sleep has come this easy!"
Amy K, NYC

Stefanie is amazing!  I was in New York on business and hurt my back and was literally debilitated.  I could hardly get out of bed, and was in too much pain to bear a taxi ride to an acupuncture location several blocks away.  Getting on a plane for the 6-hour flight home to CA was out of the question.  Stefanie was referred to me as someone who would come to my hotel.  I called, and she came the same afternoon.  She knew just what to do, and with just one treatment, the pain relief was significant.  She even went the extra measure to go to a pharmacy to buy hot patches for me.  A second treatment the following day brought even further relief.  By the third day, I was able to get on a plane and fly home.  Stefanie is truly a miracle worker.  Her competence, caring and kindness were exceptional.  Stefanie has my strong endorsement, and I am keeping her number close for future trips to New York.

Kristine R, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Stefanie DiLibero is a healer. Qualified in the healing arts she has unique abilities to facilitate your return to and maintenance of optimal wellness. Sometimes we need an intervention, a catalyst to help us move to where we want to go. In life we need someone we can trust. I can recommend Stefanie as your healer and life guide because she looks deeply into life, hers and yours.”
Mark Whitwell, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Author

Stefanie is an excellent acupuncturist. She was able to help resolve some ailments, and she has a wonderful, calm and comfortable demeanor. I can't speak highly enough about her skills. Definitely recommend.

Josh Weiner, New York, NY

"I'm a believer of the healing powers of acupuncture so when a friend recommended Stefanie at Gotham Wellness, I was eager to try her services. I honestly have never had anyone, including a doctor, ask me so many questions to get a full picture of my health and wellness. During the acupuncture session, I was impressed at her level of knowledge of how acupuncture can help to address my health issues and improve overall wellness. She's super warm and easy to talk to as well. I will definitely recommend her to my friends!"
 Susan K, New York, NY

"Acupuncture has been an incredible help in my struggle with anxiety and depression. Over the years, I have seen many practitioners--in San Francisco, Portland, OR, New York, and New York--and Stefanie is one of my favorites. She immediately put me at ease and was extremely gentle with my body, yet her methods were effective. She addressed untreated back issues which brought me greater relief from my other symptoms. She is a wonderful healer. I looked forward to our weekly visits immensely."
Laura C, New York, NY

"I've referred so many friends to Stefanie for acupuncture and all have come back to me with enthusiastic reviews. Stef cares first and foremost that the patient is comfortable, both physically and mentally, with the process of acupuncture. The treatments are calming and I appreciate that her space is comforting to be in, unlike other acupuncture spaces I've been in that are more clinical. I definitely recommend her for treating anything from stress to sciatica (both of which worked for me)."

Y. Chen, New York, NY

"Having never undergone acupuncture treatment before, I was nervous and perhaps even skeptical of the therapy and it's potential for results. Going to Stefanie for an introduction into the practice was nothing short of amazing. I felt at ease with her almost immediately and she addressed all my questions and concerns prior to beginning the actual session. Going through my health history and current physical woes was easy to do with Stefanie. She even helped me recognize additional symptoms that I didn't explicitly bring up, as I'd accepted them part of my life, and addressed them as well.

I had been experiencing severe symptoms and manifestations of chronic stress, including insomnia, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, irregular menstrual cycle and back pain. I needed help! I tried massages and psychotherapy to help with the stress, but nothing worked for much longer than the time during a treatment session. Going to an acupuncturist felt like a last resort to help mitigate the damage my unhealthy working environment was causing. Not only was the entire acupuncture experience pleasant and insightful, the effect was astonishing. I promptly became a regular patient. My physical systems all but disappeared over a short time (just 6 weeks with marked improvement in each treatment) and my mental and emotional state is well into recovery. 

With every session, Stefanie would go above and beyond to address my personal, individual needs. Stefanie has an innate awareness about people allowing for the design of the perfect acupuncture prescription, offering a hug after a particularly effective session and/or providing additional information on whatever was discussed. I highly recommend Stefanie to those new and familiar with acupuncture."
Fran N, New York, NY

"I went in to see Stefanie because I was stressed out and exhausted after my first week at a new job. My first impression was that the space is very calming and relaxing. Stefanie was very patient, thoughtful and knowledgeable during my patient consultation.

As for the treatment itself, Stefanie has a magic touch and a clear intuitive grasp for what what she is doing. I barely felt the needles. And I think her calm, methodical but purposeful approach had a lot to do with that. I came out of her office stress-free and completely relaxed. I later took my first nap in years."
Malcolm A, Brooklyn, NY

"I had never experienced acupuncture before, but upon meeting Stefanie I knew I could honestly address my concerns with her. Our first meeting included an extensive health consultation. As someone who avoids conventional doctors at all costs, I deeply appreciate the attention to the physical and energetic bodies and mind as an integrated system. 

Stefanie listened and offered explanations for the relation of various issues I was experiencing. When she began with the needles I was fascinated by how each one felt differently and how the sensation changed. Some were very intense, some I didn't feel at all, some radiated, some warmed, some cooled. And all of this I could ask Stefanie, "That's normal, right?" or "What does that mean?"

The treatment gave me valuable insight into the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And then I fell into one of the deepest states of relaxations I've ever been in. Later that day I told someone I had just had acupuncture for the first time and they asked how I felt. My response was "Like I'm walking through a field of flowers." And that was exactly how it felt.

I've returned to Stefanie for shoulder issues that have left after 2 sessions. This is decidedly a much more insightful and pleasant experience than what any MD would have suggested: specialists, an MRI, physical therapy, possible surgery and thousands of dollars."
Alyson S, New York, NY

I was very skeptical about trying acupuncture but I was willing to give it a shot.  Stefanie came into my life at the right time.  I can not believe how good I feel.  I told her how nervous I was and she made me feel so comfortable.  Stefanie explained the whole process to me and made sure I was comfortable with everything she was doing.  I had been dealing with a few different health issues and I am happy to say I am getting more results with acupuncture than anything else!

Kathleen L, Wantagh, NY

"I was referred to Stefanie through a co-worker, and I had always been interested in trying acupuncture but was terrified of the idea of having needles inserted. It was great to have someone to refer me to an acupuncturist that was tried and tested. My first appointment, I was on pins and needles (forgive the pun), and after falling asleep on the table with needles the size of fine hairs in my back for about 15-20 minutes, I have been sold ever since. So quickly was a won over especially by Stefanie's explanations and calm manner that I decided to book myself for a monthly package of 1 visit per week! I look forward to that weekly appointment after a very hard day of work.

She asked a lot of questions in the initial appointment with similar thoroughness that you might find at a doctor's office, and she explained that this would help her find the best course of treatment for my aches and pains. When it came time to put the needles in, I didn't really feel anything, and she encouraged me to tell her what I was feeling after she put the needle(s) in at which point she would explain how the needle and the sensation I felt was connected. I highly recommend Stefanie after a stressful day of work. Better than a massage and the relaxing results last longer than one too!"
Stephanie K, Hudson, NJ

"I had never done acupuncture before and was a little nervous about it, but from the minute I walked in Stefanie made me feel comfortable and safe. She was patient with my questions and very professional and warm. The time flew by and I left feeling more relaxed than I had been in weeks."
Lauren K, Brooklyn, NY

"Last winter, a friend suggested that we "try" acupuncture. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for years. I take high powered drugs which don't always work and I find myself experiencing some physical discomfort which interferes with the activities I want to do. I worked with Stefanie from the end of October to the end of April. She is an amazing woman whose dedication to the science and art of acupuncture is immediately evident. She is the consummate professional--warm and caring, carefully listening, asking relevant questions, and executing a treatment protocol that left me feeling better when I left than when I had entered. Her desire to learn more and expand her knowledge and techniques makes her someone who can offer a whole range of options to her clients. I would strongly recommend Stefanie to anyone who is interested in experiencing an alternative approach to pain management."
Marian P, Wellesley, MA

"I had never experienced acupuncture before, and the happy hour session was just what I needed at the end of an arduous work week. Stefanie's sweet demeanor coupled with the wonderfully calm atmosphere of the space makes the entire experience worthwhile...When I finished my session, I was deep in the zone. I left in an amazing state of quiet joy. I felt invincible. I have been back for a one one one session and will be coming back for more."
Tanya J, Bronx, NY

"I went for acupuncture with Stefanie last week and it was a wonderful experience. The space is serene, clean, and just incredibly welcoming and comfortable. Stefanie was warm and professional, immediately putting me at ease, and asking in-depth questions to get a full picture of my health. If you have done acupuncture before - or if this is your first time - I would definitely recommend you try Gotham Wellness."
Anna B, Brooklyn, NY

"I came to Stefanie at Gotham Wellness through a friend who knew I was interested in trying acupuncture. I didn't necessarily have anything specific I wanted to go in for but enough friends had told me that acupuncture could help you just feel 'better'. The general principal being that targeting certain points in the body can help to re-balance your chi/energy/life force.

Stefanie is wonderful. She's very easy to talk to, a great listener. She had great suggestions for different issues that I brought up from recommending a book to suggesting a particular yoga teacher. She's very knowledgeable and keen on helping you understand what the treatment is meant to accomplish, what to expect, and why she either uses acupuncture or herbal remedies in the session.

The results were fairly immediate in that I felt deep relaxation right away. I also, in the days that followed, felt some improvement in my jaw (TMJ). I generally had a lowered level of anxiety and nervousness. I felt great for days afterward and look forward to the next time. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in alternative medicine and/or general wellness issues."
Nancy B, New York, NY

Stefanie is an amazing acupuncturist. I've gone to probably 7 or 8 other people and she is no doubt the best. I have tendonitis problems in my arms and her acupuncture has allowed me to continue playing guitar. She's also clean, professional and a joy to talk to.

Jack K, New York, NY

"Stefanie is so great at relaxing her clients and really spends her time reviewing your medical history and symptoms. She really cares about improving your health and overall well being. This was my first acupuncture session that I tried...I'm so glad I did though because I really instantly felt better after the session. Overall I just felt better. I was calm yet had energy. It was such a great experience.

I went back another time for a happy hour session. I'm not sure if she still offers that but it was really amazing. It's basically a group acupuncture session. This is great if you are like me and can't afford to see an acupuncturist on a regular basis. She treats each individual one by one in a large room. I thought it would be a little awkward with strangers, but it wasn't at all. I really was able to relax and receive great benefits from the session. Afterward they offered cheese, crackers and juice. Gotham Wellness has a wonderful warm vibe about it that just improves your mood. I high recommend seeing Stefanie if you are new to acupuncture or curious about it."
Irm M, New York, NY

Stefanie is a fantastic health practitioner and coach whose extensive knowledge of the human body helped me reverse chronic upper back pain and shoulder immobility. In just one session with the Yamuna Body Rolling method she helped me experience an immediate and significant reversal of some nagging musculoskeletal problems brought on by desk-bound, un-ergonomic office work compounded by an aggressively unbalanced fitness routine. After several sessions with her honing applicable YBR techniques, this desk-jockey by day and Crossfitter by night has been pain and injury free for nearly a year. 

One of the challenges in helping people improve in this neglected area of fitness (mobility) is describing and teaching corrective movements in a way that is clear, obvious, and repeatable (away from the coach's watchful tutelage) to athletes with varying levels of body awareness. Stefanie has a unique knack for illuminating the "body awareness" lightbulb immediately. Seek her out immediately, you won't be sorry.

Tim Long, San Diego, CA

"Stefanie is the most attentive and intuitive yoga instructor I have ever encountered! She can always tell when a student is struggling with a pose and is always ready with the perfect modification or tip. She knows how to read her audience and their mood – classes can be quiet and introspective or they can be fun and engaging. She’s encouraging and supportive. She knows exactly what to say to help you understand where you should be feeling the work, using easy-to-visualize descriptions rather than the names of yoga poses or complex muscle groups. She is the BEST!"
Audrey R, Washington, DC

"Stefanie is a wonderful teacher, she not only works the body but the mind. I always leave her class feeling refreshed and lighter, my mind is clear. In my profession going to her class after work was my savior on some days. I’ve been doing yoga for many years now and find that in her class I feel more comfortable, I never worry if I’m doing something wrong, she’s so kind and truly loves what she does so much that she somehow makes you feel at ease and relaxed. I look forward to working with her more and hopefully going on a retreat with her!"
Shawna Chaffee, New York

“Stefanie’s slow flow yoga class is both centering and challenging. She is able to combine positions that promote balance, flexibility, and strength. Of all my teachers, she is one of my favorites because of her genuine and graceful style.”
Kathryn Gellenbeck, New York

"I wanted to acknowledge what a great class you gave. Your style, technique, and instruction was wonderful. Very mindful and focused. Your style of moving through postures was also different, refreshing and invigorating. I appreciated the attention you gave to deep, conscious breathing, it's the very key to yoga and meditation. Thank you for making it a key element of your class."
Carol B, Montreal, Quebec

Stefanie is a talented instructor with a positive, can-do attitude. All of her students have enjoyed working with her. She has a passion for health and fitness that shows in her work. We have always received positive feedback from our clients that have taken her classes and we always see a packed classroom during her class times, making her one of our most popular instructors.  

As part of our program we require our instructors to work with members with special needs. Stefanie has always been very professional and flexible, always willing to answer questions or find a solution when needed. She certainly goes above and beyond and has exceeded our expectations. You won’t find an instructor more reliable, flexible or professional. She is an asset to any program or organization.

Angela Brennan, Healthways, Washington, DC

Stefanie is a very knowledgable yoga instructor. I had taken personal sessions and also her group classes and found her to be a great instructor with much wisdom and great guidance. Stefanie is very passionate about teaching yoga and cares about her students experience. I have taken many yoga classes and found her to be one of the top teachers! I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone beginning yoga to being an advanced student !
Dr. Alona Bauer, Washington, DC

Stefanie is an outstanding pilates/yoga instructor. She is patient, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. She is very good at instructing a class with varying degrees of skills.

Ann Reid, Department of Justice, Washington, DC

"Stefanie is a fabulous instructor who developed a very loyal following in our clubs. Members continually offered us positive feedback about their group yoga experiences with Stefanie. She is an asset to any facility looking for a competent, caring and attentive instructor. We will miss her here at Healthworks very much."
Kate Perez, Director of Group Fitness, Healthworks Fitness Centers, Boston MA

"Friendly and helpful instructions. I personally saw a lot of results within the first couple of weeks with my posture and neck pains that I have struggled with for years."
Avita Bansee, Montreal, Quebec

“Stefanie is an amazing yoga teacher! She creates a very welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere in her classes. She gives clear and calm instruction. You can tell that she’s taught for many years.”
Monika Pinto, Cambridge, MA

“Stefanie teaches in her own style. Her classes have a positive impact on my physical and mental well-being. I appreciate that there is no sanctimonious yoga babble, something that many other teachers seem to think must accompany every yoga class.”
Frank Porter, Cambridge, MA

Stefanie is a very personable, approachable and skilled yoga Instructor. I took her classes regularly for over a year and looked forward to them each and every week. Her style is comfortable and relaxed but don't let that fool you into thinking you won't get a dynamite workout (and this coming from someone who has been practicing yoga for over 8 years). Her technique is superb. She works with each student to customize the poses to suit varying levels of skill. Stefanie engages her students to ensure they are getting the most out of their program.

Judy Carroll, WilmerHale, Washington, DC

"Stefanie is an excellent teacher with a high degree of professionalism. She is a strong member of the Zazen team and our clients truly appreciate her strong and dynamic classes. She never walks in without a smile and her positive energy is always appreciated. Our clients continuously comment on how much they love her class. I take great care in selecting only the best teachers for my class programming and Stefanie has proven that she belongs with the Zazen family. It is a pleasure for me to recommend her."
Jennifer Horvath, Owner, Zazen Spa Athletique, Montreal, Quebec

Stefanie is a talented, multiple-dimensional healer. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her approach to wellness first hand! I highly recommend her.

Diane Glass, Sarasota, FL.

I have been taking yoga for many years and from many instructors. Stefanie was one of my favorites. I was very sorry to see her leave DC. If you have an opportunity to work with her, you will no regret it. She is fabulous and provides her clients with a very relaxing and peaceful yoga session.

Mary Hervey, Trial Attorney at the United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC

Stefanie is a gifted and knowledgable healer. I have consulted her on many occasions, from regular acupuncture to dealing with specific conditions. All were met with remarkable results. I HIGHLY recommend working with Stefanie!

Matt Hill, President, Lone Rock Strategies, Washington, DC

As a new-comer to yoga, I appreciated Stefanie's patience with new students and her relaxed and calm demeanor. She was excellent at juggling the multitude of student skill levels in her class (differentiated instruction), and making it challenging and enjoyable for everyone.

Edgar Zoz, WilmerHale, Washington, DC

Stefanie more than just an amazing a yoga instructor, she is also an incredible healer. She is amazingly perceptive at understanding what you need and finding the perfect poses to accommodate your needs and skill set. She has a vibrant, loving energy that is contagious. Her style is innovative and unique. She is deeply devoted to bringing out the best in your practice. I look forward to working with her again!

Jillian Barcham, New York, NY

Stefanie is a great yoga and body rolling instructor. She is expert at many different yoga styles, and can adjust her practice to accommodate all variety of body types, ages, and goals. I would recommend Stefanie to anyone seeking top level yoga and wellness instruction.

Joseph Bartels, Attorney, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC

Each one of Stefanie's wonderful yoga classes consistently challenged me and helped me become more flexible and stronger. During the past year and a half I learned many new stretches and poses, which were so easy to follow because of her precise instructions. What made her classes especially interesting were the variations and options she offered and the fact that no two classes were alike. Stefanie's style is both serious and lively--something that I really appreciated. She was among the most creative and knowledgeable instructors I've worked with!

Helene Quick, Washington, DC

Stefanie is an excellent instructor - thoughtful, knowledgeable, and very easy-going.

George Raynal, Partner, Saidman Design Group

I attended a yoga retreat led by Stefanie earlier this year and was impressed by the quality of her teaching. Although her style of yoga is very different from what I'm accustomed to, she led classes that suited a wide variety of levels (absolute beginners to me, an Ashtangi with a ten-year-old practice). When we spoke about yoga and acupuncture, she struck me as very knowledgeable and passionate. And I was impressed by the care and concern she showed for all members of our group, even outside of the official yoga classes.

Ann Abel, Former Senior Editor at Forbes Life Magazine, Travel Writer

Stefanie's workshop abroad in Belize was excellent. She and Kristen put together the perfect blend of continuing education, helpful and practical business building information, and yoga experience in a beautiful eco- friendly lodging in Belize. I highly recommend all of Stefanie's retreats!

Kim Fong, Owner, Health in Motion, Westfield, NJ

"Costa Rica was pretty awesome! You get to go on holiday to this amazing resort (beautiful empty idyllic beaches) and do bootcamp twice a day every day.... and yoga if you want. And let's not forget the surfing (or the hot surf instructors) , zip lining, dolphin watching .... Seriously it rocks. You go away, get a tan, have a great time and unlike normal vacations you don't come back fat and bloated. Everyone was super nice and friendly too." 

F.S.H, New York, NY

"I was four months pregnant when I arrived in Nosara for Stefanie's Costa Rica surf and yoga retreat. I had a wonderful and relaxing time due to Stefanie's attentiveness and sensitivity to my situation. Sunset yoga on the beach was my favorite part of the day, along with cheering on my fellow retreat-mates as they mastered the surf!"
Yng-Ru C, Brooklyn, NY

"Stefanie organized the most wonderful trip to Nosara, Costa Rica -- it was truly perfect!! Nosara is an amazing destination, a quiet and welcoming beach town, with unbelievable weather and natural beauty. From selecting top-notch surf instructors to making great connections with local restaurants and hotels, Stefanie took care of all the details so we were completely free to relax and enjoy every second of each day. Her yoga classes were held on the beach and provided just what our bodies needed after daily surf classes. As a beginner I felt very comfortable with her teaching style and years of experience teaching yoga. I have already recommend Stefanie's retreat to all of my friends!"
Anna Berns, Brooklyn, NY

“My boyfriend and I had the greatest Costa Rican adventure ever! We were hooked up with Stefanie through a friend, and had the smoothest experience from beginning to end. Stefanie was very organized and casual about the trip which let us relax from the moment we got off the plane. The other travelers were a blast as well, and we had plenty of time with the group and to ourselves. We have been talking about the trip non-stop since arriving home, and we’re looking forward to another trip with Stefanie in the future!”
Melanie Menendez, Meriden, CT

"Gotham Wellness Surfing and Yoga retreat in Costa Rica was exactly what I needed to relieve the stress of my daily life. The trip was so well organized by Stefanie, our knowledgeable guide, who understands Costa Rican culture and speaks Spanish fluently. The trip was a perfect retreat from the demands of the “real world” and allowed me to totally unwind. The beaches were beautiful! Clean sand, great surf, warm water, and few people other than ourselves. Stefanie’s sunset yoga classes on the beach were a wonderful way to finish off a luxuriously lazy tropical day. I highly recommend Gotham Wellness retreats to those who need to get away from it all and who are looking for a “different” vacation experience. "
Linda Tolentino, Winchester, MA